Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ask and Receive...

(Gee - could this computer get any slower? Looks like it's time to get Ad-Aware and SpyBot on this thing.)

Do you ever get the feeling the Guys In Charge (Wherever that May Be) are sending you a message? Forget the pastel colored messages of Love and LightTM. Many times, I feel the message is either "IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU ASKED, DUMBASS!!" or "OH BOO HOO! GET OVER YOUR WHINEY SELF AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"

Case in point: The day after the last post, I found a book at Barnes & Noble about ways Pagans can deepen and expand their faith beyond the '101' phase called The Enchanted Life by Patricia Telesco. Not only was it on topic but it was also hidden away on a remainder table and priced at $3.99. I guess it's no secret that one sure way to get my attention with a book is to put a cheap price on it.

I also found Raven Kaldera’s article about the non-existence of community in Paganism. He said it better than I ever could. The rest of the website is also a wealth of information, especially on their take on Pagan monasticism – an idea I find very appealing, at least in a theoretical sense anyway.

Ach - it's after midnight and I have a long day tomorrow. I've got two zinc plates ready to put in the acid after a test in printmaking. It shouldn't be too hard - I just have to know the difference between relief and intaglio printing (relief printing has the ink resting on top of the plate where intaglio has the ink below the surface) and a few things like "bon tiere" - which I think is the print pulled from a plate and used as a master when printing an edition of the image.

More later - thanks for reading this hooey.


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