Friday, February 17, 2006

Sounds interesting...

birds of a feather mail art show

"As part of the Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts in May I am hosting an International Mail Art Show with. The theme for the festival is birds so with that I am having a Birds of a Feather International Mail Art Show.

Artists around the globe are invited to submit a postcard sized art piece through the mail to be included in this International Mail Art Show. The pieces should depict the theme of birds in any media the artist chooses. The show is open to all ages and is not juried. The show will be presented at the Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library Meeting Room Friday, May 12 with a reception on Saturday, May 13 from 2-4. At the reception visitors will be able to take a piece that they like home for free."

The Latest BromArt Update email

I just have to share. I love Brom's update letters.

Warning from BROMART!

Brom has escaped and is on the prowl! We’ve found his personal journal, deciphered his illegible hand-writing and have pin-pointed that he will be at the following locations at the following times and dates:

New York Comic Con February 24th (afternoon) and 25th (morning) - signing at the Harry Abrams booth

Signing at St Marks Comics February 25th, Saturday, 8 - 10PM,

11 St Marks Place, NYC, NY
(212) 598-9439

Emerald City Comic Con April 1st and 2nd 2006. Seattle

World Horror Con San Francisco May 11 - 14th

San Diego Comic Con July 20 -23 2006

Our understanding is he will be there to promote his new book the Plucker, as well as to chat, tell lies, use profanity poorly, and sign just about anything you bring to him that he can’t eat.

If you spot him, remain calm, approach with caution. Keep out of spitting and biting distance. His shots are not up to date. Do not offer him food scraps. And at all cost keep small children, the elderly, and members of the clergy at least 50 feet away.

Miscellaneous Jargon

Please do not respond to this note, as I will never receive it. All replies to this mailing list go directly to Hell and will be read by pointy eared devils that delight in making fun of your bad grammar. Instead just send a note to .

If by chance someone put you on my mailing list as a cruel joke, or if you have been instructed by a piece of bread bearing the semblance of the Christ to stay away from me, just go to and hit Unsubscribe. We will remove you from the list immediately … well maybe not immediately, depends what’s on TV that night. How about some time relatively soon thereafter, with the condition nothing really good is airing that night?

Helllllloooo?? Azra??? You home?

Hmmm...I'm seeing a pattern forming here. Holiday coming up = no posts from Azra. Bleh - I really need to do better than that! Although...I will admit Valentine's almost went by without me even noticing.

My mom called Monday and asked, "Did you want to go get something to eat tomorrow?"

"On a Tuesday?"

"Well, it is Valentine's Day."


This is almost equal to a conversation we had over the weekend:

Mom: "What would we do if we couldn't get out (meaning "go shopping and whatnot") every now and then?"

Me: "Paint."

Mom: " ."

Eh - maybe I do need to get out and socialize more often. Lately, I've been so absorbed in my routine in the studio, I forget nearly everything else. I'm happy though. I'm finally doing something I've been wanting to do for years. That counts for a lot in my book.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another glimpse into an artist's mind

I have a feeder at my studio but I found out rather quickly that most of the visiting birds rather eat on the ground. First thing I do every day, before anything else, is scatter the seed around the base of the big hickory the feeder hangs on.

I was late getting there today. Therefore, the seed was late too.

While I had gesso drying on several boards, I meant to do some studies of the birds at the feeder. As you can see, it didn't quite work out that way.

The list got cut off at the bottom of the page:
1 nuthatch (yay!)
song(?) sparrows

I also felt another "knock" (on the head?) so I worked out a very rough and basic sketch for a painting:

Yes, people. First Khnum and now Bast. What in the world have I gotten into?

The writing down the side that got cut off says:
Belly dancer?
accentuate curves
Have Her looking more at viewer
minimal background
Black cat? White 'gloves'?
Egyptian breeds?

She's going to have to wait a little while though. After she saw the work I did on those dogs, my mom asked, "Could you do one of Cat?"

This is coming from Ms. "I Don't Need or Want a Pet." Her cat forced herself on my mom a little over a year and a half ago now. That cat is more spoiled than...I don't know what. I keep joking that all my mom needs now is one of those old fashoined prams so she can take Cat (only one of her many names) wherever she goes.

Only...I'm afraid she just might do it one of these days.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Khnum Update #2

Well, I'm not entirely thrilled with the photo. All the little white spots are glare.

I think He's about finished. I tried to add more colors to the painting (I kept hearing one of my former instructors - Ms. Mulcahy - in my head: "USE MORE COLOR!!") but just didn't work. So, it's time to put Him back, let Him dry and see if there is anything that needs to be changed. Then it's varnishin' time! (For some reason, I wanted to say it like a UT football game: "It's varnishin' time in Tennessee!" I think I've inhaled too many paint fumes.)

When it's finally all said and done, it'll be time to see what kind of reception He'll get on DeviantArt. I can go back to doing different kinds of goofy posts in my blog too. Whoo-hoo!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's finally here!

The rice and beans are cooling and some of the avocados are mashed. The sour cream, olives, tomatoes and shredded cheese are ready to go on top. I've got three different kinds of chips, only one pizza, two kinds of cola and one bottle of wine. I've even got three kinds of black tea.

The cats are fed and romping outside, despite Spook's efforts to play supervisor and official rice taste tester. I got in some painting earlier and I'm trying to see if I've forgotten anything so I won't have to go scrambling for it later.

Yes!! Two hours and counting until the yearly Commercial Kick Off! I hear they're even bringing MacGyver out of retirement but not that sweet, sweet mullet he used to have. (The word "mullet" just needs the words "sweet, sweet" in front of it, doesn't it?)

What? Game? What game? You mean there's a football game today too? Huh - whadayaknow.