Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It IS the heat and it IS the humidity!!!!

So - how many of you out there have been re-enacting the final death scene in the Wizard of Oz this week? ("I'm melting...MELLLLTINNNNGGGGG...") I just want to throw something at the TV when the weather comes on (sorry, Mr. Tim. Sorry, Charlie.) because they say it's only going to get worse through the weekend - mid 90's with a heat index into the 100's.

I can see the headlines now...

Headline: Sumner County woman found
Byline: Joanie Snigglebottom, Staff writer

Sources with the Sheriff's Department report a Sumner County woman was found outside her home this afternoon. The incident was initially investigated as suspicious, since she was found in the garden. The woman had also turned an odd shade of brown and a noticeable aroma was noted in the immediate area.

Upon further investigation, Sheriff's deputies concluded that excessive heat and humidity had both contributed to an oven-like environment in the garden and the unfortunate woman was literally cooked. One deputy remarked, "We found her in a small patch of rosemary. She smelled oddly delicious."

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