Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Resting (not so) easy...

Well, the city of Gallatin can rest easy for a while. Last night's Traditional Chinese Spook Scaring exercise (also known as the annual Fourth of July fireworks display) was a success. No self - respecting spook within a ten mile radius would have been able to withstand the display and noise.

Mother Nature evidently added her own display and noise as well. It rained on some of the festivities but I came home to find some of my tomato cages flat on the ground - as well as the big, old oak that stood at the corner of the property. It was a vibrant, strong tree full of glossy green leaves and loaded with potential life in the form of small, silvery green acorns. Yet the tree broke off at its base and blocked the road. This morning, I could see where someone had sawed the top out of it so traffic could move again.

The death of this tree makes me sad. I loved that tree, although I didn't realize how much until today. It was one of the cornerstones - well, trees - of the property and it provided a much needed and appreciated privacy screen. Hell, that oak had come through all kinds of weather, including the big ice storm of 1993 that broke many a lesser tree.

...and now it's gone. Just like that. Oak and hickory: two trees symbolic for strength and toughness but it evidently wasn't enough. I wish I paid more attention to it while it was here.

At least it won't be wasted. It's good wood and some of the logs out of the tree will be over two feet across. As soon as I can find someone with a chain saw, I'm saving as much as possible for carving and a few other projects. I thought about making a bench out of a half log but you know, it deserves a better memorial than existing as a place for me to put my ass.

I'll try to do it justice by finding the sculptures hidden inside it. It's the only way I know to honor a friend.

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