Friday, June 29, 2007

CBI Alert

Well, damn. I've apparently killed again. I'm at the library. My computer tech is telling me to get an uninterruptable power source to see if that doesn't fix the problem of killing my computers' hard drives. See y'all soon - again - even if I have to blog from the library!

Authorities Search for Local Woman
Byline: Joannie Snigglebotham, contributing reporter

The Cyber Bureau of Investigations reported today they are looking for a local Middle Tennessee woman, Azra. She is wanted for questioning in the alleged deaths of several computers in the upper Sumner County area in the last few years.

The latest death was reported on June 17, in Ms. Azra's very own home. The victim was said to be fine, only to suddenly revert to a blinking prompt on a blank, black screen. Hours later, the victim was declared to be brain dead. At the time, Ms. Azra claimed to have no knowledge of what happened. She later claimed her computer tech reported a region wide power surge earlier in the week.

Authorities urge all Compu-Americans in the area to be on the lookout for Ms. Azra. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Ms. Azra, please call your local CBI office. Do not attempt to apprehend her yourself. She may be armed and dangerous.


Unknown said...

Library blogging isn't too bad.. I'm certainly bloggaholic enough to have done it, it's kind of fun to be surrounded by books and oblivious library patrons while you're writing.

Just be sure to wear a mustache or something so they don't apprehend you for serial computericide.


Azra said...

LOL! You're right - it is fun to be surrounded by all these books and oblivious people!

I came prepared today. I've got my hat pulled down low and I'm trying not to look too shifty. Only thing is I have to use my library card every time I want to go online.

It's been all right so far. I may be in the clear. No one's mentioned dead computers yet.