Thursday, July 12, 2007

A bit of an update - and a happy Snoopy Dance

(Or maybe a Kermit Dance. Kermit's wild and flailing arms and head seem to fit the mood better than Snoopy's bopping. Ah hell - I'll do both!)

I'm having to get used to posting without photos. It seems wierd to just type.

News: Yay me! I made it into the Tomato Art Fest!!! I've got two possibilities ready to go - and more than a few ideas for a third. YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

The other news is rather mundane compared to that: I'm covered up in fresh blackberries and Sweet 100 tomatoes. I'm about to be covered up with Rutgers, Arkansas Traveller and Mr. Stripey tomatoes too. Thanks to Toby, my cat who seems to think he's Don Juan, I have also gained four more housemates: a little black and white female and her three weaning age kittens.

I don't think he knew what he was getting into when he chatted her up.

Oh yeah - according to my computer tech, I am officially a serial killer. His exact words were, "Well, more serial killers go for a very specific thing and you are certainly specific - you go straight for the hard drive!"

Gee, thanks dude. I feel ever so much better.

On the bright side, I may have a computer back this weekend. Maybe.

All right - four minutes of internet time left. Have a good one, y'all.


zezrie said...

LOL at least you arent using your powers for evil:P

Roseanne said...


Congratulations! god, i loves the 'maters... can't wait 'til mine turn red, and orange and yellow and stripey green. :)

Oh, and no more Shrek for your cat! I knew Antonio Banderas was no damn good for Puss in Boots-corrupting decent law-abiding felines everywhere with his smarmy lechery.

Azra said...

Zezrie!! Welcome back to the web! :-D

So, which powers are you alluding to - the art or the ability to kill computers with a single glance? ;-P

Zan! Thank you! :-D You'd be in heaven in my garden - some of the Arkansas Travellers and Mr. Stripeys are *almost* ready with their pink and red stripey goodness.

As for Puss in don't know how right you are. LOL