Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The other Tomato fest entry as well as the good, the bad and the "eh?"

This is one of the smallest paintings I've ever done. It's 6 and 5/7ths(-ish) by five and 7/8ths(-ish) on Masonite.

I didn't get the wolf peach idea finished enough to enter. Someone told me I should have entered it anyway but 1.) the edges were way too messy for my liking and 2.) I don't think I could sell it. I'm just inordinately proub (proud, even) of my first effort of painting hands.

Here is the original sketch and painting:

Sorry about the quality of the sketch. If you click on it, you can see a bit more detail on all the leaves and vines down the left side. The painting is an odd size (I can't remember the reasoning behind it) 8"x12", I think, on Masonite.

Here's some ideas that didn't quite make it:

That's supposed to be a cuttlefish or perhaps a nautilus in the upper left corner. I really like that snail.

My mom suggested I paint some tomatoes just hanging on the vine. After thirty seven years, you would think she'd know me by now.

The Tomatoes of Good and Evil

You have to say it like that guy from the Princess Bride: "The Squash of Despaairrr."

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Roseanne said...

ah tomatoes! i came home from my burning man adventures to find mine in full abundance-mmmmm....

LOVE the fox-headed 'mater goddess(or wolf?) What a look!

Nicely done.