Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hmmm…look at all these cobwebs.

Wow. Has it really been Thanksgiving since I made the last post? Geez. I’m sorry y’all. I didn’t mean to abandon everyone.

Let me play catch-up. March rolled around again and Emo!Azra tried to make another appearance. (What is it about the third week of March that just makes me want to hide under a rock, cry and mourn something I’ve never had?) Anyway, this year I was on to her and there was no month long reign of melodrama and angst. Emo!Azra was sent to the cellar a home away from home and chained, damn it given a nice, peaceful rest.

Art wise? Until recently, it could be summed up with one sound: pppphhhhhttttt! You want an actual word? Poncif. I’ll show you the ones that barely made the cut, in my opinion anyway. Sorry for the quality of some of the photos. I don’t have all my graphics programs back yet.

These two don’t even look finished to me. The bottom one’s a little more complete. Still, it was fun to paint the shadows of the cup and someone liked them. I don’t know why.

This one ended up being a Christmas present. I like taking vases like this and filling them with the tips of hickory or oak branches. They usually have the most curves and interesting shapes to them, although you can’t tell it by this painting. It needed “something,” so I added the dogwood blossoms. I like how the vase turned out.


Roseanne said...

I rather like the luminous quality of the cup('specially in the topmost painting). Also how the book looks a bit like a tent, which is of course just a silly notion brought to you by my slightly damp brain, but I'm terribly fond of tea and the idea of some camper bringing a fine celadon cup like that along and brewing up tea on a camping trip definately appeals to the teasnob in me.

I think I'll go make a cuppa ginger mint...

Azra said...


:::ahem::: Sorry, my inner Homer slipped out there. ;-D I didn't have any ginger tea so I had to make do with ginger Altoids. I rather like your idea of a nice cuppa on a camping trip - for some reason, I thought of this wilderness area called Honey Creek where you can pick all the wild blueberries you can handle when they're in season.

Thank you - I liked that about the cup too. It's depression era glass called Jadeite. I learned that despite my best efforts to the contrary. lol

Of course, all I could think when I read "a silly notion brought to you by my slightly damp brain," my brain added, "...and the letters C, E and the number 5."