Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Can you break what's probably(?!) already broken?

It's been two days since it started and I've been good. Extremely good. I think it's about to break my brain. I haven't made any jokes. I haven't made any wise assed remarks (aloud, anyway.) I haven't done anything, although it was harder than I ever thought possible not to be completely (childish? Impish? stupid? me? _insert your own word here_,) go grab my copies of Projekt:Gothic and Projekt Presents:A Dark Cabaret and play Voltaire's "When You're Evil" and Jill Tracy's "Evil Night Together" just loud enough to float to the far edge of the cemetery where the tent is set up.

Then again, it just might spoil some of the already bizarre fun.

The church folks are having Vacation Bible School. The theme is "Soldiering for Christ," or so the sign says, and it's complete with a big ol' olive green tent. This afternoon, they even woke the entire neighborhood up by playing a very loud recording of Reveille which segued into an ultra twangy (twenty one?) banjo (salute?) bluegrass number.

I can't make anything like this up. And to think, the "Cruisin' with Christ" car show was just a week or two ago in Westmoreland.


Suzy said...

Soldiering for Christ? Good grief that is just sad. I hope they at least give the kids good snacks :)

Also, I love the tomato painting in your entry below.

Azra said...

Well, I do know they at least got a cookout on the last day of it. :-D

Thank you!