Saturday, July 02, 2005

Back in the saddle again...

I'm so glad I got back online before too much time had passed after the "The Great Kentucky BooBoo Incident." I only have one thing to say about it: Nothing makes a body as proud as hearing the morning news anchor on Newschannel 5 say, "So - does that mean BooBoo gave someone else a boo boo?"

Mind like a steel trap, that one.

Speaking of steel traps, I have some jobs lined up. One job is going to be fun since it's a dark, goth inspired ink wash drawing of a anthropomorphic bear, complete with trench coat and desolate angelic looking sculptures in the background. I'm looking forward to making it more "life like" than the usual Furry drawings, which always look too damned cartoony for my taste. I'm also working up a woodcut of an image I saw in a dream. The last job is not something I wouldn't have normally chosen for myself and I have serious thoughts about the money involved (read: will it be a promise of good pay but in reality be crumbs? Do these people realize that art is actually what I am building my career out of and not something I do on a lark? Will they try to cheat me by finding some little, insignificant thing to bitch about and withholding the fee? Hmmm, if those are the kinds of questions I'm asking myself, I think I'd better rethink this whole situation or get the money upfront.) There is one also other potential hazard in the mix - it's a friend who is apparently determined to bring me over to the Baby Brigade.

Yes, people. I mean it. When it comes to sprogs (babies, to those of you who are not Robert Heinlein fans) or anything involving them, I am basically clueless and very happy to be that way. I have a saying: the day they handed out the maternal instinct, I was at the zoo.

Anyway, back on topic friend is four months pregnant and wants me to paint the walls of the nursery. If I do it, I am going to die of sugar shock. I can tell you that right now. Wouldn't that be a wonderful tribute to a new life? "Yes, little one, right here is the *very spot* where we found Azra, all gross and corpsified. The doctor said it was the first case of sympathetic sugar shock he's ever heard of and you know, he was right. It was the only known case of it in the world, right here in Gallatin, Tennessee. Last we heard, that doctor was living high on the coconut on some island, just because of the research he got out of the case. You see that streak of pastel green sliding down the wall from the collar of that bear's shirt? That's the last thing Azra ever painted. Clutched that brush until the very end...well, actually, she's still clutching it as far as I know. They never did get her fingers loose from it..."


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