Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hello? Is anybody here? Hello?

:::sigh::: I knew it's been a while since the last post but sheesh....How about we put this in the "another damn thing for Azra to get over" file and continue on? Perhaps the new year should focus on being a little less isolationist and neurotic? Well…isolationist anyway. May as well be realistic.

So, my poor neglected friends – how are you? Doing okay? Putting exes and other enemies to shame by living well? I hope so. I missed you.

There was a bit of time while I was gone that I began to call “Let’s Get Azra Culturfied.” I went to the Tennessee State Pow Wow at Longhunter State Park and the Don Yahola Memorial Pow Wow in Mount Juliet. I almost got to a third pow wow, only about fifteen minutes from my house – only to find it cancelled and the dance grounds covered with new strawberry plants. (Apparently they’ve given up everything “native”- the pow wow, the sweats. Sad thing too – that was one of the best pow wows around.) We ended up going to the Mennonite community and Shaker Museum instead. MMM…..fresh molasses. MMMM…tomato cheese bread.

Oh yeah…and then there was Samhain. I thought it appropriate to spend it with a bunch of mostly dead artists. Free day at the Frist is a wonderful thing. There is also a great little used bookstore across the street in Cummins Station. I could spend days in there.

Well…I’m done boring everyone. Let’s get to some art, hmm?

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