Monday, July 28, 2008

It's been a while. Is that a dustbunny moving across the floor?

Hey y'all. I've missed you.

Well. What's been going on with you?

What? Oh, the late unpleasantness? It's calmed down, for the most part. I don't know what brought it on. All I know is this: after five days of peace alone, I refused to take the blame for whatever it was. I was told "It takes two to fight." True. That said, it only takes one to go crazy. Since then, there have been a few more instances where I have been called a smartass (and?) as well as rude, hateful and impatient (Hello, Pot!) All I can say is, "Whatever. Blame me for Iraq and Darfur if it makes you feel better. I just don't care anymore."

If I did, I'd never get anything done because I'd be a roiling mass of frustration, hurt and anger. That's a type of craziness I just do not need. If it makes me look rude and hateful, then so be it.

Let's get on with the good craziness, shall we?

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Unknown said...

Welcome back! And hurray for the good craziness!

I recently met a bard who sings this great song, I can't remember the title, but the line that comes to mind is: 'if I should forget my grin remind me, we're all mad here in this place, it's ok'. And then she grins this hilarious lunatic grin as the audience goes wild.

If you ever get to see SJ Tucker(Skinny White Chick), go! She's wonderful.