Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A small prayer

A while back, I got an idea for a story about a devotee, complete with a prayer woven through it. As the story progresses, we find out exactly what said devotee will do for his gods. Maybe the story will be ready to be born...someday.

Two lines, "Invisible to mortal eyes, let my cry come unto you," I can't claim but I also don't remember the source of them.

Here then, is my small devotional effort:


Oh Lord,
Invisible to mortal eyes
Let my cry come unto you.

Take, O Lord,
My hands and
use them as you will.

Take, O Lord,
My mouth and
speak your wisdom.

Take, O Lord,
My heart, My mind
and my will.

Fill my soul, O Lord
Grant me sweet oblivion.

Hear me,
O Priest of the Elder Ones!



(What? Who'd you think it was going to be for? ;-) )

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