Saturday, May 13, 2006


I'm not entirely happy with the way this turned out. The big black shape on the right wasn't balanced out as much I hoped it would be on the left. But that's okay. I knew as I worked, this piece was cathartic but apparently I put more into it than I thought. I almost lost it several times as I tried to char the edges. I'd put out the flames, only to see them flare back up again a few seconds later. I may just go ahead, finish the job and scatter the ashes.

The text:
That day in Kentucky still stands
out in my mind
Reaching out to touch my necklace
Your salt and pepper hair
Such amazing eyes

I'm such an idiot.
I didn't want to admit
you made such an im-
pression on me.

It's been 2 years
since I came home
to Tennessee
I stand in my studio
and wonder where
you are. I call
out to you, even
thought I don't
even know your name.

I wonder if
you even remember

Still, I need you to
know, love -
I wish I could have another
But today,
I'm letting your memory go.
I hope you have a life that
transcends your wildest

...and maybe, just maybe,
we'll run into each other
again. If we do, the
first thing I'll do is get
your name.

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Zan said...

It's awesome. I think you should burn it!

I once drew a beautiful picture of an ex on cardboard and did a release ceremony where i burned it... it was so cool to watch the flames eat it and then the ash afterimage-a perfect replica in fragile white lines on black.

It blew into bits.


Azra said...

OOOoooo...that is an awesome image! A negative of it before it was gone

I did finally get around to finishing the job with this one. It wasn't anywhere as spectacular as that. :-) I waited until a nice rainy day and burned it (and every scrap I had written on about it. lol) on the dirt floor of the studio. Then I gathered up the ashes and released them into the rain.

Nice to finally release something like that, huh? :-)