Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Embryos, tentacles and the Butterfly Woman of Doom

I've got a few new ideas for paintings floating around in my head:

I was musing one day (Oh all right - I was off tripping through a pleasant daydream. You happy now?) and I saw this image in my mind. It's a pleasant enough landscape, complete with critters grazing in the field except...instead of ordinary cows, there are these creatures with three or four trunks/tentacles. They use trunks/tentacles to pull the grass and put it in their mouths.

(I love the idea of tentacles...:::_insert maniacal laughter here_:::)

I'm not happy with these critters yet. One looks too much like an elephant and the other is still too bovine. I guess we'll see what comes out of it.

This one may be one of the next paintings I do. I was walking by the cherry tree and saw that it already has some fruit growing on it. It was a classic "what if" moment: what if, instead of this cherry, it were actually a critter growing in there? I combined properties of two different trees - I like the spent blooms of the cherry and the pollen of the pig hickory. The fruit itself needs to be translucent, with the embryo a little more...well, embryonic and indefinable. Yeah...I like that.

The last idea is still pretty vague but I can't get it out of my mind. It's a Butterfly Woman type being, with a dark twist.

Darkness looms on the horizon.
A storm approaches.
Lightning flashes.
I dance into the chaos.
A butterfly tossed about on the wind.

That's all I have of that at the moment. The image I see is a woman not one being tossed around, though. She is one who knows exactly what she's doing there. She may even have a mischievous smirk on her face - is she a Trickster? I don't know. Instead of the bright rainbow colors usually associated with Butterfly Woman, I see dark storm colors: grays, silvers, blues, violets. Heh. Sounds like somebody definitely worth knowing.

We won't talk about the tangent going on in my head right now involving butterflies and music reminiscent of 1950's era horror movies. Oh no we won't.

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Anonymous said...

love the embryo-i often draw people(oh, OK, women)being born out of flowers or seed pods, but never the embrionic stage.


Azra said...

Zan!! :-D

Thank you. I think this is a sign. LOL I haven't drawn people in a long time and after this sketch, they're starting to pop up everywhere!