Friday, June 02, 2006


Well, I decided that I wouldn't post again until I had something at least half way decent to show for it. So, here is a nearly finished study of a Spicebush Swallowtail. This is the underside of the wings. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it either tomorrow morning before my dad and I go to the powwow or Sunday. I've got to add a few more spots, lay some orange in the spots along the bottom of the wing, as well as add some more blue and green just above them. I wish I had turned the canvas on its side though. I think it would be a stronger painting if it were centered more and the shadows allowed to fade out along the bottom. I'm not complaining too much though. I like the way the butterfly itself is turning out.

It's funny, in a "the universe seems to be listening and it's kind of freaky" kind of way. I hadn't said anything about my idea for the Butterfly Woman painting to my mom. Not long after I made this post, she gave me the butterfly. It had trapped itself in her car and died near the back windshield. It's wings were exactly the style I envision for the painting - I just didn't know how I was going to go about painting them.

I've kept the butterfly in the studio, on a table by the easel. I'll admit to looking at it, as if halfway expecting it to get up from the table and fly away at any moment. All this time and I'm still not always comfortable when I get help like that.

So what now, 'Verse? What are you going to send me when I get ready to do that honorary sculpture of Lu Yu, huh?

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Anonymous said...

ohmyholygod, Azra, I want it!

that's gorgeous and i totally disagree-off to the side is way better than centered. The flutterby looks just like it's flying overhead.

The patron saint of Tea, huh? So cool, tea is one of my passions. I'll have to lift my next mug to him.

And I'm not kidding-is it spoken for? would you trade for it, or do i need to buy it from you?

Azra said...

Oh neat! Thank you - I'm glad I left it the way it was instead of listening to my insane "OH MY GOD, IT'S HORRIBLE" voice. LOL

It's yours, if you still want it. :-) Which would be better for you? I'm always willing to work someone wanting a painting.

Email me if you'd rather. :-)