Thursday, August 04, 2005

Coming along...

Work on the studio is coming along. Today, I took revenge on the honeysuckle growing up the front wall. I wanted to put in the supports under the roof for the clematis to climb but the ladder was too short, by about half. Tomorrow I plan to go ahead and put in three clematis - and yes, I am well aware of the irony of taking out one climber only to replace it with another. One point in the clematis' favor is that they will bloom out with huge magenta flowers next year. Another is that they won't try to take over the world and bind it in their ever tightening grip. I fancy putting in a climbing rose bush next spring too. I guess we'll see about that then.

I've also got to move a table and a big piece of fiberboard to it. The fiberboard is fairly large. It will be great to put on the wall as a permanent drawing/painting board.

One of the things that tickles me right down to the bottom of my secret goth heart about my new studio (my studio! I love it!) is this:

Yep, it sits right on the edge of an old cemetery. The earliest graves there are circa 1817. The man who had the original land grant to this property donated a small plot for a cemetery and an Old Baptist church. The church never got built but the cemetery has quite a few inhabitants (you can take that any way you want and you'd probably be right.) My plan is to use some of the branches from my oak tree to build a rustic gate to lead into it.

It also seems that one of the Feline Nation has already taken it upon himself to be the "Official Studio Cat." The Official Portrait of Office appears to the right of this text. He has been staying in there for the past few days, only leaving to either to get something to eat or to meet me in the path. Now I just have to find a name that fits him. "You" only goes so far. This cat is almost solid black, with a few white hairs on his belly. He is also quiet, calm for the most part and a bit of a loner. Since he is the studio cat, he needs a nice, arty name - any ideas? I've already decided against "Picasso" ("pee" as a nickname? I don't think so.), "Singer" or "Sargent" (after John.)

Heh - perhaps "Brom" would be a good name. I've always liked his work.

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