Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A letter

To the woman working in deli at the Franklin KY. Wal-mart this afternoon:

I don't care what kind of day you had or if it was almost time for you to go home. I don't care what, if anything, pissed you off today. Working in the Wal-Mart deli does not make you Queen of the World. I did not deserve the glare you gave me, especially since I apologized for making such a racket. I certainly did not deserve the patronizing tone you used when you oh-so-patiently explained to me that I did not cause the alarm to go off in back of the deli.

Just because I am 5'3" and the ridiculously high meat counter is at least 5'6" and loaded with piles of bread in front, I knocked the lid off the sample bowl while I reached for it. Yes, it made a lot of racket on it's way down the other side of the counter, yet this was not an excuse for you to treat me as an incompetent fool. I know what a timer alarm on a deep fryer is and I know I didn't cause any alarms to go off. Just how ridiculous would it be to have a damn sample bowl rigged with an alarm, anyway? Is sample theft really that much of a problem in Simpson County?

Get over yourself and provide some customer service, damn it.

The real Queen of the World

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Timmy Ratajczak said...

Thanks!! I think Ill return in the near future