Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I decided to sit down and write this morning, since I can't do much else for the moment. I am in waiting mode - waiting for a board to dry so I can put another coat of gesso on it; waiting to see if my mom will call in the next little bit to make a vegetable run to the Mennonites just outside Scottsville, KY., waiting to see if the rain will finally decide to quit dancing around Upper Sumner County and give us the rain the plants need...waiting, waiting, waiting. At this rate, a person could get so far into waiting, they'd die from waiting for that next breath.

I hate waiting.

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Mad Max said...

I'm an Aquarius. Are we compatable?
I've always wanted to sculpt. No training. Intrigued by concrete medium. Got any ideas? KnoxVegas ramblin' man.