Monday, May 29, 2006

I so rock! Yes. Yes, I do.

Oh good god. Has it really been fourteen days since the last post? What, Azra? You have three paintings, an mixed media and two graphite drawing going but no new art to post? Bad Azra! Bad, bad!

I do, at least, have some good news to report: I have my diploma in my hands. I am now officially a college graduate - first in the family. Not only that but I graduated Magna Cum Laude. If it weren't for those two C's (damn that College Math!) I would have graduated Summa but hey...

I so rock!

It's hard to imagine now - when I first went back, I was almost terrified of not finishing again. I kept watching for those familiar signs of burnout. It didn't happen. Not only that, I ended up graduating with enough credits for two and a half degrees. Granted, those credits were kind all over the place. Part of that was because my previous credits in Photography ended up not counting as anything but electives. The other part was I kept saying, "Hmmm...I wonder what this class would be like?"

So the question now is this: do I go on and get a bachelor's or a master's in art? Do I do as someone suggested ages ago and just "take the hell out of a bunch of workshops"? Ah hell, I don't know. I think I'll bask in this for a little while first.

Yeah...basking sounds good.

I so rock!

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Anonymous said...

bask, baby, bask! congatulations, that's awesomely awesome.

Tabitha said...

I wanted to thank you so much for your blog. I am 35 year old witch and
struggling painter in Pikeville, KY. Your blog inspires me to keep
going and reaching out for my art. I have your blog on feed to my Yahoo 360
Thank you.

Azra said...


:::_insert deep, humble bow here, complete with the twirly hand motions:::

Thank you, Zan, thank you vury much! :-D

(where did Elvis come from? :-P)

Azra said...

Oh wow, Tabitha - thank *you.* I literally don't know what else to say.