Monday, December 26, 2005

Clues that you've invited a Goth to Christmas

1. While walking by the TV as a show about marine life plays, the Goth (also known as Azra) says, "A sea krait! PRETTY!!!!"

2. Later, after sitting down to watch the same show:
Narrator: "...most people don't know that octopus are poisonous but it not deadly..."
Goth: "WOW! A poisonous octopus? How cool is that?!"

3. During a conversation about a local funeral home that is now a church:
"You know that Alexander's funeral home in Westmoreland went out, didn't you?"
"No, I didn't hear anything about that."
"Yeah, it's a church now."
"Well, lord, I wouldn't want to go to that church. I'd be thinking about all the dead bodies that had been in the funeral home."

Goth: "Actually, that would be a selling point for me."

Yes, people. This is how the Christmas gathering went this year. I have cemented my reputation once again as the strange one of the family.

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