Sunday, December 18, 2005

An infinite number of things about me

Some folks out in the blog-o-sphere have been posting "100 Things," a list of little tidbits about themselves. Well, weirdo that I am, I decided to not limit myself to a hundred. Mainly, it's because I know I would never finish a list like that and I'd probably feel like such a failure. This way, I can just have fun with it. So, let's start with number one, shall we?

1. Hello. My name is Azra and I'm a collector.

Let me say right now that I don't collect just any old thing. I like to think I'm fairly discriminating about what I collect. Sometimes though...well, once or twice (I swear! That's all!) I have been that person at the flea market whose voice goes up three octaves when they find something unexpected: "Oh look. It's a 1950's Era Breyer, using the Arabian mare mold and it's ONLYTENDOLLARSOHMYGODIHAVETOHAVEITAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Here are my collections:

      Horses - I have collected horses since I was a kid. My very first one was the Breyer model of Walter Farley's The Black, based on the movie with Cass Ole'. (Yep - I remember the horse's name that played The Black but not the kid who played Alec!) I have between 200-300 horses now, about 95% of them Breyers.

      Books - It seems to be a rare day for me to go out and not come back with a few books. A good number of them (maybe one third or half) deal with magick, Paganism, Shamanism, herbs or some sort of esoteric subject. The rest deal with art, how-to, biographies, fiction and sci-fi. I keep threatening to have to buy another house, just for my books. I guess I have at least five hundred, maybe closer to a thousand. I don't know.

      Rocks and fossils - this is the "cheapest" collection I have and another I have kept since I was a kid. They are all locally found, mostly from the Fort Payne formation. I have a few I found in other places - Wilson and Trousdale counties and Nashville. A ton of what can be found around here are crinoids. They're everywhere, although they aren't as nice as the ones on the linked page. What you mainly find here are stem sections. Corals are fairly easy to find too.

Anybody else out there collect stuff?


Zan said...

Definately books-art and fantasy mostly.

And rocks, but just ordinary(beautiful)rocks... Ones that feel good to hold in my hand or keep in my pocket, or just look at on my windowsill.

SuperKain said...

WATCHES! Years ago it was women, comics, and cards. In that order. Now, it's watches!