Friday, December 30, 2005

Oh all right

I'll admit it: I have done so little today, sloths could tell me to eat their dust. I am still recovering from the holidays and I have not painted one lick since I finished those three paintings. I'm about to go crazy (-er?) so tomorrow, it's back to the studio.

I've got ideas for two more paintings simmering in the back of my head. Both of them, for whatever reason, are themes on Ancient Egyptian mythology.

One is Khnum (I hope I'm getting it close when I say, "num.") Not only is he a primal god who controlled the flooding of the Nile but he is said to be one of the oldest gods in the pantheon, who created both gods and men on his potter's wheel. How cool is that: an actual representation of god as artist?

The other painting is of Horus but that's about all I have at this point, other than I want to do these paintings from a southern point of view. What that means, I have no idea - Horus with the head of a red tailed hawk instead of a native Egyptian Saker falcon? Khnum depicted with the head of a goat found in this area, like the painting a few entries back? (Actually, I like that idea.) Hell, I may even plant a RC cola and a moonpie on the floor near Khnum's, not really.

I'm also getting this little mental thing that keeps saying, "It's time to do those Tarot cards." That could get interesting, especially since I only have a very basic knowledge - not even a working knowledge- of what's in them. I don't even know what theme to use on them. Oh yeah, that's going to be a real effective bunch of Tarot cards.

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