Friday, October 07, 2005

Samara's Home

I don't know where she's been but Samara has evidently been on one heck of a journey. Two days ago, she disappeared after the neighbors' dogs decided to check out the possibilities on this side of the property line.

One of the visiting dogs is a beagle. I have a soft spot for beagles and this one knows it. When he's by himself, he can play the "sweet, harmless pup" card to the hilt but when he has his buddy with him...look out. The other two dogs belong to the neighbor on the other side of the cemetery. They know I mean business when I walk out the door.

Anyway, back to Samara. She came back sometime this afternoon and was waiting on the porch for me to open the door. She was half wet from coming through all the weeds and grass, as well as looking like she's lost some weight already. I've never heard her meow so pitifully - I thought she may have been grazed by a car, wherever she's been. (I had another cat, Artemis, to be grazed by a car years ago and she was never quite right mentally afterwards.) I put out some food, just in case, and gave her head a rub.

Evidently, the rub is what Samara needed the most. She let me to know "more please" and I was more than happy to oblige her. Those awful meows stopped. I didn't see any obvious wounds or damage, other than the results of two days away from home and Samara crawled into a nearby box and literally passed out. The poor girl was exhausted.

So for now, I'm going to keep an eye on her and let her rest. I'm just happy the Sea of Felinity is complete again.

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