Wednesday, October 12, 2005

To quote Dr. Sam Beckett...

Ooooohhhhhh boy.

(Heh. Shall we play "Who is that?")

Along with all the funkiness over these last few days, there has been something else going on that has me a bit...upskittled, as they used to say here in the South.

Last week, I started getting these...thoughts...for lack of a better word, that I needed a key. Not just any key but an old fashioned skeleton key. Why I needed this key, I had no idea but I needed it. It wasn't an urgent thing, just a little voice every now and then saying, "You need this key."


I didn't think anything about it until the latest post from Jeffery ( came over the Wildways list. It was called "Seeking Direction and Turning Keys." The kicker was Saturday, when we went to Bright's and I found a bunch of old keys - most of which were skeleton keys of various sizes. This was a new addition to this particular booth and I had never seen any other old keys in the entire place before. I looked through them and found a small one that 'felt' perfect. It was only a dollar.

It was when I paid for that key and had it in my hand that I felt something I hadn't happened in a long time. Tingles went up my back and I felt almost lightheaded. Evidently this key represents something big. Something magickal.

I just wish I knew what. Until I do, I guess I'll just carry it in my pocket.

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